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Apr 13 2015

Red Sox fans gear up for Opening Day at Fenway Park




BOSTON (WHDH) - For Opening Day at Fenway Park in Boston, the sun is finally shining, the grass is green, the snow is gone, and the boys of summer are back.

"Great atmosphere, you got all the Sox fans, everybody's all pumped up, we're ready for the game," said one fan who was first in line for tickets.

The Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park were ready for another season of baseball.

"Beautiful park, great game, two good teams," said one fan.

"After last night, the sky's the limit, mostly for the balls they were hitting out of the park," said Sox fan Mike Columbari.

This year, the organization is catering to kids. Fans 14 and younger can enter the park through gate K, which will lead them to Wally's Clubhouse, a new play area.

The team is also making use of social media.

"You can see that at gates A and C is something called the 'digital baseball card.' It's another way to engage young fans in the game, and you can go to either gate, you can take your picture, you can upload it to the hashtag 'MyFenway,'" said Sapient Marketing Officer Bill Kanarick.

A loyal bunch of excited fans lined up outside the box office for tickets.

"Last year the line was longer, this year it's a little bit shorter, so I'm excited. And it's warmer too," said Jimmy Pietrosanto, who is in his 15th year waiting for tickets.

Maybe it's because the Sox went from worst to first and back to worst, but if the cycle repeats and the team stays hot, fans are already thinking about October baseball.

"This is the season. I say it every year and two years ago I was right, it was the year I got married, and this is a good year and it's going to be our season," said fan Erin Columbari.

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