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Oct 23 2014

Kevin Spacey's Advice For Marketers


Great ideas break things – boundaries, paradigms, and the status quo.


By Bruce Rogers

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Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey spoke at the recent SapientNitro Idea Exchange in New York City, along with Bill Kanarick, the agency’s Chief Marketing Officer. Spacey shared his perspective on the intersection of story, technology and humanity and how technology is forever changing the ways we tell and experience stories. Referencing his groundbreaking work with Netflix’s “House of Cards” and Activision’s “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” Spacey reminded the audience that the camera doesn’t care what technology platform it is filming for—whether for a television, an iPad, a mobile phone or a video game, it is and always has been about the story. However, the proliferation of platforms and the democratization of the Internet now also mean that great stories can come from anywhere, unleashing new opportunities for creative freedom.


“Today’s digital, always-on world is a new Golden Age that presents a unique opportunity to pioneer new forms of storytelling,” commented Bill Kanarick. “Story has been and always will be what connects us – whether it is filmmakers and their audiences or brands and their consumers. However, technology is creating opportunities to change the way these stories get created, experienced and shared.”


Spacey and Kanarick’s conversation focused on two primary themes: the need for risk-taking and creative courage, and the relationship between content and platforms. Below, are two videos from the SapientNitro Idea Exchange that capture key elements of the conversation.


Watch the video Here

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