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May 01 2013

Advertising Age - 20 Agency Folks Describe Their Alternative-Career Fantasies


From Professional Wrestler to Weatherman to Broadway Dancer, Adland is Ambitious


By Ad Age Staff


Working in advertising, media and PR isn't sunshine and roses every day. It's hard work -- and that's a large part of what prominent players in the business thrive on.


But being creative and outgoing personalities means that they've got broad interests. They're the kind of folks you'd want at a dinner party, who know how to tell a good story. And, they know how to dream. We asked them to dream a little with us, and tell us about their alternative-career fantasies.


On those days that are rough, they imagine themselves doing all manner of different jobs, from being on tour with Radiohead to being a sports announcer or a Broadway dancer or a wrestler or even a shaman.



Donald Chestnut, chief experience officer at SapientNitro: I didn't work in Advertising I would probably be pursuing work as theatre director (one of the things I studied in undergrad). Live theatre is one of the reasons I love living in NY, and traveling to places like London, Chicago, and LA. And to be honest, the advertising pitch has a lot in common with live theatre: casting, storytelling, drama, and presentation.


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