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Connecting Technology and Story in an Always-On World


Each year, SapientNitro releases a series of articles designed to help you understand industry trends and implications for your business.


Highlights include:


  • Learn how brands are connecting technology and story in an always-on, global world
  • Five major trends, 33 global authors, 172 pages
  • Two proprietary research pieces: the “2nd Annual In-Store Digital Retail Study,” and “Evaluating Real-World Experience: A Study of Leading Brands”
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Insights 2014 Webinar Series On-Demand

Insights 2014 Webinar Session #1: Storyscaping and the Always-On Consumer


An overview of Insights 2014 from our authors who share a short synopsis of their articles, as well as a discussion on Storyscaping from Daz McColl, Global Chief Brand Strategy Officer.


Insights 2014 Webinar Session #2: New Storytelling Methods and Connecting the Physical/Digital Worlds.

Alan Schulman, VP Global Digital Marketing and Brand Content discusses why marketers need to embrace brand messaging in real time, and Manuela Fortes, Experience Design Lead for the SapientNitro Innovation team, tells us what the store of the future looks like and how it will change the face of retail.


Insights 2014 Webinar Session #3: Technology, Data & Marketing Leadership
Charles Sayers, Director, Experience Innovation, will walk us through his piece "Placing Experience Within Reach," and discuss how brands are using the latest technology - BLE, NFC and Augmented Reality, among others - to activate digital experiences in the real world. Also joining us is Simon James, Global Lead for Marketing Performance Analytics. He will discuss marketing leadership, how leading CMOs are thinking of their marketing technology investments as a portfolio, and the role of analytics in optimizing that investment.