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Five ways Apple Music could beat Spotify (and everyone else too)

As a brand that continually reinvents itself, we know Apple's retaliation strike is coming soon.


When research goes wrong

As the election proves, research does not always represent the reality.


Forget the manifesto: big data will win future elections

Using machine-based learning could have huge implications for politics and elections


How digital activity logging is changing customer research

New tools are unlocking a world of knowledge about how people use technology


Women in Business: Stacy Simpson, Chief Communications Officer, SapientNitro

In this capacity, she oversees global communications, strategic and brand marketing strategies


SapientNitro helps digital advertising take on a greater marketing role

SapientNitro rides the trends — and the agency believes streaming video is the next big one.


Sixense Teams up with SapientNitro to Show VR’s Marketing Potential

SapientNitro Believes that Virtual Reality is the Way Forward for Brand Engagement


British Airways appoints Sapient Nitro as digital agency of record

As a result, Sapient will take over running the airline's digital platforms


Sixense, SapientNitro launch VR platform so you can shop in the Andes

Sixense and SapientNitro announce the availability of a VR shopping platform they call vRetail


Red Sox fans gear up for Opening Day at Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park were ready for another season of baseball.

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