Campus Program

Why join Sapient?
We think boldly and act decisively – the global financial markets demand nothing less. We are looking for campus hires to embrace this challenge.  Across the organization, we’re consolidating and expanding against the backdrop of dynamic financial markets, venturing into new areas and building our business year after year. Naturally, it takes real innovation to meet those needs and we keep thinking fresh by drawing on ideas from every level of the business. To be successful at Sapient you need to have energy, passion, enthusiasm, an inquiring mind and a strong academic record.

What is the Global Markets Institute?
The Sapient Global Markets Institute is a unique and specialized classroom-based program that combines soft-skills courses to build your consulting skill set, theoretical courses to expand your market knowledge and practical courses that give you the opportunity to utilize your newly established consulting knowledge in a learning environment.

While spending your first few months in one of our India offices with accommodations and a daily stipend, the Global Markets Institute combines the best of two worlds: the academic challenge of the classes and the social atmosphere of discovering and exploring with your fellow classmates, all while in a culturally rich environment.

The GMI Experience

What will I be learning?
When you arrive as a campus hire you will need to ramp up your knowledge on our business, our capabilities, and our services as well as wider financial markets. As a valued member of the team from the beginning, you will take on as much responsibility as you can handle and be working alongside people who can support you to progress. However it is your own initiative that will really help you demonstrate your potential and make you stand out.

At Sapient, our high-performance culture is supported by a thorough and transparent performance management process: We own our growth and we facilitate growth on our teams.  Our programs aim to improve the growth and performance of each Sapient person and Sapient overall. Sapient provides you with the tools and resources to continuously learn, grow, and challenge yourself.

Through constant exchange of feedback between managers and other stakeholders, your supervisors will partner with you to create and facilitate a growth plan as you dive into your career here at Sapient Global Markets.



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