Despite the WWE being one of the most talked about brands in social media, all that conversation was happening elsewhere. The fans told us they wanted a site with the edgy personality personified by the brand; a site where they could get deeper into the content, both present and classic, a site with exclusive content; a site that was interactive. A site that was worthy of the passion of the WWE fans. We delivered—and the results speak for themselves.

Get in the Ring

This is the WWE.
We don't talk—we watch. And maybe scream at the screen a bit.
(Feel free; we did.)

The Results?

Well, when we were engaged by the WWE, it was always Wrestlemania XXVIII as the yardstick, as that is the WWE's marquee event. So, how'd wwe.com do?

  • WrestleMania Sunday: New record of Page Views (PVs), Daily Unique Visitors
  • 69MM PVs nearly doubled the previous record set during WrestleMania XXV in 2009
  • 2.8MM Daily Unique Visitors broke the record set during WrestleMania XXVII in 2011 of
  • 2.1MM Daily Unique Visitors
  • Monday after WrestleMania: New record of Page Views, Daily Unique Visitors
  • 125MM PVs is an all-time single day record in WWE.com history.