"I'm not just saying this lightly. I've been in this business for a long time and worked with dozens of agencies at Pepsi and Kraft. Few have ever really gotten me excited. SapientNitro is in that upper echelon of the few."

Kirsten Lynch, CMO, Vail Resorts

Changing the Game

For 2011-2012, EpicMix is expanding into photography in a big way, and it's a significant step not just for the company, but for skiers' and snowboarders' experiences with their sport….Photo is the big change, and here, Vail is out front of Disney and almost every other vacation destination that does pro photography.

Wired Magazine

A recent change to the laws governing Forest Service land means a big change in how people can experience Vail Resorts.
So they called on us as Summer Agency of Record to define their core summer brand, delivering a strategy and identity.
We started with a microsite that introduced the Epic Discovery brand, a summer haze of education and fun to tease the
immersive experience that will be Summer at Vail Resorts.
Now we've been awarded the entire on-mountain
experience design—from the attractions and the technology that powers them, all the way down to the lodge.

We are beyond thrilled with the work on Summer.
Thank you for inspiring us and bringing outstanding
creative work! We greatly appreciate your partnership
with Vail Resorts and your commitment to helping us
build our business. We are fortunate to have you
as partners!

Kirsten Lynch, CMO, Vail Resorts