Since early 2010, we've been working with Chrysler as Digital Agency of Record to help redefine them for today's customers. With so many sub-brands, automotive is always a blast, but Chrysler in particular gives us an opportunity to scape a story that engages many different audiences. Here's how we're handling it.

In case you missed those results..

Over 35,000 people signed up for Abarth purchase information – 10 times more than the 3,500 Abarths available.

In April 2012, Abarth sales exceeded expectations by 380%. Dealer orders for the Abarth have exceeded the entire production run for 2012, even though the car only became available in mid March. 

Ram 1500 Pre-launch

The Results?

Here are some highlights:

  • Pre-roll videos were started over 37,000,000 times and had a completion rate of 76.6 percent.
  • Over 1,500,000 messages were delivered to an average unique audience of 310,000 people.
  • Facebook fan growth increased by 13% during the Ram Reveal campaign, compared to
  •  only 0.4% growth during the two weeks prior.
  • Videos on the Facebook page received over 100,000 views.
  • With a limited budget of $30,000, the cost per sweepstakes handraiser was only $0.50.
  • Online advertising received 9,990,735 impressions with a clickthrough rate of 0.48 percent.

When Jeep approached us to promote their partnership with USA basketball, we saw one common thread: Jeep and USA
Basketball share pride and history as unique American Icons – a pride celebrated by all Americans. So in addition to
providing updates on the team, we capitalized on the game-loving nature of basketball fans to engage them in a
sweepstakes that would also educate them about the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited's features.

The Results?

Although the primary objective of the campaign was to create social
awareness, the lower funnel activity was also extremely positive.

  • 73% of Hub Page visits also visited the Customizer
  • 35% of Hub Page visits also visited the Game
  • 140K Customizer Visits, 4% share of
  • 106K Visits to Enter to Win (ETW) Form
  • 94% ETW Form Completion Rate
  • 40% of all USAB traffic submitted ETW