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Dear Ad Age

A different world. We're in the midst of a paradigm shift in the way people behave. It's become an always-on world where perpetual connection is increasingly redefining daily life. And business. And marketing. And advertising. And every kind of brand connection. The next five years will likely have more significant change for how brands and consumers connect than the last 50.

A different starting point. Hyper-connected consumers expect their brands to move at the paces and places of their life. This highly mobile and increasingly agile consumer does not see lines – above/below, virtual/physical, browsing/buying – rather, she sees a single, fluid experience with no off switch. An always on, never ending story. That's why our agency believes that a "through the line" orientation is all wrong, "through the day" is much more relevant.

A different approach. In this consumer-controlled, networked world, people now see themselves as central to, and contributing to, a brand story versus the old way of circling around a brand monologue. That inspires us to think beyond creating ads to creating worlds where brand stories come to life across an always-on ecosystem. We call it Storyscaping, where storytelling meets systems thinking and makes a brand ever-present for a consumer in control.

A different box of crayons. At SapientNitro we are unmatched in breadth of capability from strategy, to creative to technology, and unmatched in our ability to meaningfully connect them in the same ideation room, vs the same boardroom model of holding companies or networks.

A different way to succeed. We're growing. Fast. Our organic growth rate is more than 3x the rate of other agencies – strong evidence of a sound strategy and a committed client base motivated by our breakthrough work. We're honored that some of the biggest brands in the world, like Coca Cola and Unilever, invite our thinking to their table. And we're proud to be recognized as a standout: Gartner has ranked us top among global marketing agencies this year. Forrester too.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we don't obsess about that. We're looking ahead, and pushing forward. We're breaking convention, building a new model, a new way. Do the agencies of the last 50 years have a lock as leaders of the next 50? We think not. At SapientNitro we believe deeply that it's never been a better time to be us.

SapientNitro Culture: A Snapshot

We're a culture of restless and curious, big thinking and big doing, looking to make an impact on the world, where great work, great people, great ambition, and great culture create a great company.

65 New Clients
{70+% win rate}
2 Acquisitions
Iota & Second Story
$571.7m Q1-Q3
Revenue {^16%}
11 New
& Expanded Digs
Idea Engineers
2 Acquisitions
iThink & (m)PHASIZE


In a 36-hour workshop, SapientNitro
finds out what's important to our client's
stakeholders and customers, then creates a
detailed strategy and vision of the future state
for the client and their entire organization. We
deliver an outline and video to plan against,
debate and share with others.


Our game-changing approach to
creativity where the power and intimacy
of storytelling meets the interaction,
scale and reach of systems thinking to
create never-ending stories for
an always-on world.

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These new proprietary solutions don't
just differentiate us; they help connect
the dots for our clients.

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